I had the inevitable moving meltdown last night: I ran out of boxes again (and still have all my books and most of my dishes to pack); I learned that I may not close on Friday as planned, which would give me just Monday to not only get into the new house but to get out of the apartment and clean it; and as of right now I still don’t have a mailbox at the new house–the builder insists that the postmaster isn’t returning his calls, but until the postmaster comes to the site and orders a mailbox, I don’t have a recognized address. Which means that I can’t update any billing information or get utilities turned on.

However–this is all temporary. I hate moving (and uncertainty) with the fiery intensity of a thousand white-hot suns, but I will find more boxes, most of my bills are online anyway, and if I have the weekend to pack, I won’t feel as rushed. I saw this image making the rounds on the lifestyle blogs, and you know what? Everything IS going to be amazing. I’m going to be a homeowner!