As it turns out, I am not closing today. Or Monday. I’m “probably closing next week.” (The appraisal, which came back MONDAY, did not have enough comparables to satisfy the mortgage insurance company, a fact which the loan officer didn’t notice until YESTERDAY.) I know I shouldn’t be surprised by more drama and misinformation and mendacity* with this house purchase, but, like Charlie Brown, I keep expecting it to be different.

On the bright side, it was supposed to snow this weekend anyway and now I have some more time to pack. With the delay, I may even have a real mailbox installed and waiting! Stay tuned!

*My gay best friend and I are having a good time quoting Tennessee Williams lines about “mendacity” to each other: “Mendacity is the system that we live in!” “What’s that smell? Didn’t you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room?” It’s a good time.