Because it’s the start of a busy week (and because I’m now able to stream all the new Dr. Who to my TV), I present The Dr. Who Drinking Game (via). I think this should be on tonight’s agenda.

Whenever someone dies: DRINK
Whenever the Time War is mentioned: DRINK
Whenever someone mentions the TARDIS is bigger on the inside: DRINK
Whenever there’s a shot of the Doctors footwear: DRINK
Whenever the Sonic Screwdriver is used: DRINK
Every time the Doctor wears glasses: DRINK
Whenever someone is running: YOU MUST BE DRINKING THROUGHOUT
Whenever someone is crying: YOU MUST BE DRINKING THROUGHOUT
Whenever Bad Wolf is mentioned: DRINK THRICE
Every time the Doctor uses the psychic paper: DRINK
Every time the Doctor uses the alias John Smith: DRINK
When the Doctor kisses someone: DRINK THRICE
Whenever you see a flashback: DRINK
Whenever you hear the words ‘I’m sorry’, ‘oh yes’, ‘brilliant’, ‘medusa cascade’, ‘vortex’, ‘allons-y’, ‘time and space’: DRINK
Whenever someone makes a sinister prediction: DRINK THRICE
Whenever an alien planet or race is mentioned: DRINK
Every time the Doctor uses his stethoscope: DRINK THRICE
Every time a poor American accent is heard: DRINK
Whenever Captain Jack is flirting: DRINK
Whenever someone disobeys an order from the Doctor: DRINK
Every time the Shadow Proclamation is mentioned: DRINK
Whenever the Doctor is wearing his trench coat: DRINK
Every time the TARDIS takes off: DRINK
Every time the Doctor mentions a little shop: DRINK
Every time someone asks the Doctor for a surname or questions what he is a Doctor in: DRINK
When there is a regeneration: ALL DRINKS MUST BE DOWNED

It goes without saying that he should be on the agenda, too: