I have so much wonderful fabric, boxes of patterns, and even ideas about how to combine them, but absolutely no desire to do anything about it.

I think part of the problem is everything feels like it’s in limbo: there’s midsummer limbo, where you want the heat to break but it’s too soon to think about jackets and fall sewing; the “am I going to keep working from home 100%?” limbo, where you don’t need fancy jackets or dresses to wear to the office; and the “am I going to keep working with dudes who wear whatever jeans are clean, or am I going to change industries?” limbo.

So maybe that’s where my sewjo is. I do keep looking at knit pencil skirts, and big dresses, and knit easy dresses, so maybe I just give in and make a dress and that will get things going again?  I can always wear it with sneakers to match the dudes in jeans.

(images from my sewing inspiration Pinterest; they’re old enough that the links are all broken so I can’t credit anyway)