Saturday’s hike was Gobbler’s Knob via Alexander Basin in Millcreek Canyon–also known as The Steepest Hike In Millcreek, or Remind Me Why I Wanted To Challenge Myself?, or Oh God Oh God Thirty Percent Grade On A Scree Field.
The Knob is at the top right of this picture, I believe. The infamous scree field is below it, and I recommend finding the trail that goes through the patch of trees in the center of the picture rather than trying to scramble up the bare rocks. You may have a Kerouac moment on the slope: 
I looked back and like Lot’s wife that did it… Supposing I’d start to slip back for good, these screes might start sliding any time anyway […] Finally I came to a kind of ledge where I could sit at a level angle instead of having to cling not to slip, and I nudged my whole body inside the ledge just to hold me there tight, so the wind would not dislodge me, and I looked down and around and I had had it. 
It’s hard to convey how steep this is, but here’s the view back down from the saddle. (I didn’t make the top of the Knob. My legs still had to get back down everything and I was proud enough about getting to this point.)
On the saddle facing the other way, still looking a little freaked out.
Looking into Big Cottonwood Canyon. 
This view inspired me to start singing hits from The Sound of Music. My hiking companion was not amused.
 A moose! On the loose! Seen on the way back down.