Mostly, finishing small knitted projects:

A mostly-completed sock, also known as The Ninja Sock of Death.

A spy hat made of alpaca that gets black lint on your hair.

The last of the Christmas gift knititng. I like this pattern so much, I will make a purse like it come spring. (This is a cosmetic bag.)

Also, house- and cat-sitting without a laptop. (For the love, people–a little patience, please?)

And finally, making lists of what I’ve learned during this seemingly endless week of introspection:

1. I don’t want to live alone.
2. I like brightly-painted walls.
3. I like my job and the structure it provides.
4. Baking is soothing.
5. I really enjoy living ten minutes away from a walk in the foothills.

Come back tomorrow for MORE LISTS! Really!