Reader, I’m doing it: I’m quitting my agency job of eight years. I’m getting on Doc’s insurance and going to try freelance for a little bit, then either keep that up or look for another gig. Who knows! I don’t have a plan after the “B” of the quit your job BLT!

If you’ve seen the memes I’ve been posting for the last six months I’m sure you’re not all that surprised; this feels long overdue (longer than six months, for sure). Here are some choice, choice memes I’ve been saving for this very day:

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I even made a playlist, lol.

Finally, here’s some self promotion now that I’m going to be self-employed: Do you need a copywriter/ACD? Hit me up on my professional site! Do you need a Patagonia-style fleece? Message me on Instagram (or see the saved “custom fleece” highlight for more info)!