Toby is not sad–he’s the happiest he’s been in five months, a daily miracle–but he does just meow, like he’s telling us “I YEARN” and we don’t know what it is he yearns for. Maybe he’s wondering why he’s so small, like this poem says:

My Cat is Sad
by Spencer Madsen

my cat is sad.
no one else in his family is a cat
we are all human except for him
he is excluded from most things
and no one tells him why
he just wants to play
and be loved
he looks at us with wonder
and disappointment
he says hello i am a cat what is my existence
what is that / why it and not me / please can you look at me and love me too
can i have some of your food please im sorry i dont like my food so much
do you want to play with my toys? this one is my favourite
do you like me
are we brothers
why didnt i grow up
why am i so small
can you help me be happy
where are you going