Here is a video “trailer” for the Mars Curiosity rover landing on August 5, found via Bad Astronomy. It is worth the five minutes to watch it because in five minutes you can have your mind blown and your faith in humanity reaffirmed:
I usually dislike taglines but “Dare mighty things” at the end kind of made me tear up a little.
And here is a video created by the European Commission as part of the “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!” campaign to encourage girls to study science (it’s now been pulled from the campaign).  This also blows the mind and brings you close to tears–but not in a good way:
To quote Elwood Blues, “Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ.” To quote the article in The Atlantic where I found this, “…science sells itself. It needs no polish or varnish or manufactured appeal to be attractive to women. To imply otherwise is an insult. To science and to women.”