They’re all planned out. See? I’m working on the “Bluestocking” socks (well, sock) and I did all the math for the sweater with the birthday yarn (not pictured) last night. Those are the January projects.

Then I have this lovely shiny green and yellow yarn, which will be a purse. See the nice lining fabric beneath it? The colorway is called “Rachel Carson.” How can you not buy yarn to knit a purse named after one of the first environmentalists, I ask you.

Here’s some more Rachel Carson:

In the picture, there are two hanks of more subdued green yarn, bound to be armwarmers/gloves. And then that takes me through February. (At least, that’s how I’ve planned it. It will probably take me until the summer solstice to finish up, but no one can say I don’t have a goal).