The chambray I used on my quilted jacket still had quite a bit of indigo dye left on it, even after a pre wash, so I thought I’d try a trick I just used to set the color on some dark jeans: soak it for a a few hours in salt water.

Did I pause to think that a corrosive solution and antiqued brass snaps were perhaps not the best combination? Reader, I did not. And what did I see when I pulled the jacket out of the soak?


Turns out the salt made the “male” side of the snaps bleed rust onto the lining and even the main fabric (insert toxic masculinity joke here)

Yep. Just when you announce a project is your favorite ever, you go and ruin it.  Turns out I’m why I can’t have nice things.

So where’s the glimmer of hope in all this? I did a little internet research on rust stains and saw that lemon juice can help remove them. I did a patch test last night and they lightened considerably, so I’ll try the full method. Fingers crossed.