I’m finally feeling inspired to sew more regularly–partly because there’s nothing ready-made I want to buy in the stores* right now, and partly because I  bought some new fabric.

Remember the palm leaf printed knit I was wanting? For $5/ a yard, I caved:

And behold: cotton jersey printed with a fantasy mountain scene that could be painted on the side of a van.  I didn’t even have to think about buying this one!


These will be a midi and a maxi dress, respectively. I’m finding all I want to wear lately are knit things and safari jackets–comfortable AND intrepid!


*The Colette Patterns blog had a very insightful post this week about how sewing helps you sidestep the want-y angst of just consuming new stuff, by channeling that urge into a creative act (sewing itself):

When you sew…Instead of shopping for something to buy, you turn your attention to shopping for inspiration. […] Instead of looking at pretty clothes and feeling the pangs of desire and the confusion of choice, instead of giving my energy over to the temporary buzz of material acquisition, I can direct that desire into a creative act.