I finished a cardigan and it fits and it isn’t ugly! This is big news.

I gave up knitting sweaters for myself back in 2013 because they always fit weird or they were too itchy. (The last one I knit was also so ugly I was just demoralized.) But after the election I wanted acres of mindless knitting and I wanted a big cozy cardigan, so I approached this strategically: I hate seaming, so one piece it was; if it was a cardigan, I wouldn’t have to deal with itchiness; and it if was a big old oversized blanket, I could worry less about the fit.

I picked the Iba pattern and Brooklyn Tweed “Shelter” yarn and, as discussed before, they’re a good match. I really love how light and warm and wooly and soft this is–it’s almost like wearing a little creature.

I do have to fix the sleeves though. I guess I got carried away and made them about four inches too long, but that’s an easy fix. Plus it’ll give me a chance to keep working with that yarn