In the knitting world I’ve seen a recent trend where you make a smaller triangle-shaped shawl and then wear it backwards (with the point in front), making you look like a highwayman or a cowboy, thusly:

I liked the play between bandit styling and “grandma” knitted lace, so I decided to make one. Would you guess that I used the same pattern for the shawl above? (You can say “no” and I won’t be upset.)

This did not exactly work out…you see how the edge looks ruffled? Apparently I skipped a step of the pattern that has you take out the extra stitches you add–I kept adding stitches so that made the edge a lot longer and that produces ruffles.

In my defense, by the time I got to the border stitches it was March, and March was rough. My mistake also contributed to running out of yarn before the edging, so I cut my losses and just finished it(much like March).

But you know what? I like it. It’s a little wonky but when you get it all bunched up I think it looks appropriately outlaw-like. Watch out for the shawl-wearing bandit!