As I said yesterday, when it comes to this pergola, all I have to do is blog about what I want and then it happens. (Thanks, Dad!) In this case, it was adding curtains made of drop cloths (thanks, Pinterest!) to the main posts to give me some privacy and a bohemian-casbah-Raj-tent feel. It worked!

In the day time it looks light and proper and the canvas adds lovely depth and shade:

But at night you can draw the curtains and light your lanterns and feel like you’re in a J. Peterman catalog, “drinking gin and saying truly witty things.”

And if you’re still playing with the new Waterlogue app, you can make it actually LOOK like you’re in a J. Peterman catalog, too:

Many thanks to my dad for (yet again) making my blog posts into reality. I just write about what I’d like to have, but he has to put his engineering brain to work to think of ingenious solutions–and then do the prep work, drive everything to my place, climb on ladders,  and make it happen. He’s the best.