After I put up a picture of the in-progress cardigan/vest two weeks ago, I noticed I’d gotten off on the pattern on the left front about six inches from the top (it looks like a bumpy line on the right side in that photo). I debated just leaving it, but the point of hobbies–besides being relaxing, of course–is that I’m in control, dammit, so I ripped back and started that part of the front over.

Except the second time I tried to do it, I got it too long and had to rip back again; and the third time, I made the same mistake and had to rip back one more time. The fourth time was the charm, though. So two weeks later, I’m essentially at the same point. But it’s mistake free!

In other news, I’m making a dress out of this fabric. It’s a pattern I’ve made about 6 times, so I’m not too worried about messing this one up.