Around Christmas, I was talking to my yoga teacher and it came out that I knit. And she asked, “Can you make me some legwarmers?”

Because I feel the same way about my yoga teacher as I did about a few early grade school teachers (“You’re so pretty! And so calm! And you’re good at so many things I’m not!”), I said of course I would (“Teacher asked me to do a special project! Yay!”).

I’m using this pattern but left off the foldover cuff, as you can see. I left it off because I wasn’t sure I’d have enough yarn for it, but now I’m pretty certain I will. So do I go back to the first one and add it? I don’t know if the drawstring would be fiddly during yoga or if it would help with the fit.

Maybe the legwarmer needs to live its way into the answer….

(And no, that joke still hasn’t gotten old. If you couldn’t tell.)