Earlier in the year (a lot earlier, like February), my nephew asked, “Karen, can you knit gloves?” Because I like to be honest with him, I told him that making individual fingers was beyond my skill level but that I could indeed knit fingerless gloves. He thought about that for a little bit and then asked, “Can you knit me some fingerless gloves that are blue with a green stripe?”

Reader, of course I did.

The body of these are in Lion Brand “Basic Stitch” acrylic because he reported that the scarf I made him “was a little bit itchy.” (The green stripe is leftover Wool-Ease from that project–no complaints about the itchiness yet.) The Basic Stitch yarn is marketed as anti-pill, which seemed like a good feature for little kid gloves. I just did a Ravelry search for a suitable pattern and found this one for free.

He’s the only kid in my life and now that he’s not a baby, I don’t make many things for him (because he has his own style) but wow is it gratifying to make things for small humans. He was thrilled.