I don’t wear a lot of jewelry–and by “a lot,” I really mean “anything other than a watch and maybe earrings.” But years and  years of perusing J. Crew and style blogs like this one have convinced me I should probably wear some of the necklaces I managed to collect over the years of not wearing jewelry. The problem? They lived in a drawer and I forgot about them. So I made a jewelry board to hang them up in the bedroom.

I just cut a piece of leftover homasote from the office boards project last year to about picture size and spray-adhesived some leftover rice paper over it:

Why not cover the back in some pink paper while you’re at it? No one will see it.


Then I added little hooks:



And hung it up.


I think it’s working at least a little–I wore a necklace AND a bracelet AND a watch to the symphony this past weekend. At the very least, it’s more things on the wall and more colors.