One of the partners at work is having a baby boy soon and had a work shower last week. We’re not super close but, if I’m being completely honest, I wanted to get more on her good side–plus, I was bored with the second rainbow sock I was working on. So I made a little hat:


No fruit hats or crazy colors here–she wears a lot of black so I thought some classic French stripes would be good.

If I’m still being honest, this isn’t my best work. I started it the Thursday before a Tuesday shower and it took me a while to remember the tricks for changing colors on the stripes. It also turned out a little big, but by the time I realized that it was too late to start over.

But it’s cute and it was well-received. I made sure to package it up to the nines so it looked way more impressive:


Because that’s what advertising is about, right?


(Details: pattern was Purl Soho “Hats for Newborns” [not really with my gauge]; yarn was washable MillaMia “Naturally Soft Merino” in midnight and white.)