As Nigel Slater says, “St. Valentine’s is rather like Christmas, in that if you ignore it, you always end up regretting it, feeling mean and cynical. Yes, it is more than a bit cheesy, but I think we have to go with it.”

Despite yesterday’s post, I am more and more ok with Valentine’s Day as the years go by. Toby is my Valentine every day, and the holiday is an excuse to make papercrafts and trawl Pinterest for more crafty ideas. Since I’m going with it, the papercrafting has already begun over here:


The trawling of Pinterest has been going strong, too, and I’ve found some good stuff: Crayon hearts I’m pretty sure I’m making for my nephew:


Pencil “arrow” Valentines I’m really tempted to do for coworkers, because that I’m the writer there and because: papercrafts.


I could even add some washi tape to the pencil arrows. Washi tape forever!


(Images from the blogs linked to above, all found searching [for way too long] on Pinterest.)