I finally made it to the fair Friday to check out my entries. Check out first place in the not-so-competitive “Blouse” category:
And check out fourth place in the much more competitive “Cable Sweater” category:

I was a little bummed about fourth (and about the fact that they had put my sweater on a hanger and stretched it all out of shape), but then I saw third place, which was exponentially more elaborate than mine and only got third:

This year I looked at exhibits in the 4-H building and the Creative Arts building, which I usually skip, an it was really heartening to see all the nice work from the young kids in 4-H. And we can all heed the advice of this sign:

I know being a “cool” person and liking the state fair is supposed to be ironic, but I think the fair is great. You think farming is disappearing or becoming totally industrialized, and then you see the eight-year-olds showing sheep or the lucky, lucky teenage girls* riding their horses and you realize that it’s closer than you think.

Maybe that’s why I like the fair: If I win a ribbon for sewing, I can imagine that someday I might win a ribbon for an egg from my chickens, or even be one of the people who drive in from their ranch and show their animals. Someday, I guess. Until then, I can enter things in the fair.

*Teenage girls, I hope you realize how lucky you are to have your horses. Some people are still longing for one at thirty. I’m just saying.