I am so very tired of winter. So I decided to ignore the last brutal weeks of cold and snow and make a dress. Of course, it is a dress that can be worn now, with boots, because as you may have guessed I lack the patience to sew a dress and not wear it until the weather permits, and I hate being cold too much to wear it weather un-permitting. Anyway, the dress:
I can’t stop staring at these boots! I love them so much it makes me blurry!”

Here is a detail of the yoke and its little inset thing, un-blurred by boot love: I think my pattern taste is moving up through the decades, because these smock-y hippie dresses are a far cry from the 50’s housedresses from last summer. This particular dress was from a modern pattern, but look at what I have planned next–1970’s GOLD! Check out view B there. I think I have the same hair–I know I have the same boots.