It’s not that I haven’t been sewing–I’ve now made four out of the five variations on a vintage dress pattern–it’s that I’m too lazy to get pictures taken. (I was thinking the latest variation could be my Easter dress. Although I technically don’t attend church anymore, it’s robin’s egg blue and very spring-like.)

So no pictures, but I have another quote from Animal, Vegetable, Mineral that reflects on the homemade process:
“A lot of human hobbies, from knitting sweaters to building model airplanes, are probably rooted in the same human desire to control an entire process of manufacture. Karl Marx called it the antidote to alienation.”

Kingsolver goes on to talk about the process of cooking as the antidote to “alimentary alienation,” which made me wonder why I don’t make my own bread more (I had sourdough starter in the family fridge all through junior high), which made me get some bread going last night. (No pictures of that, either.)

Don’t be surprised if I’ve grown my hair into braids and am holding a chicken in the next photo shoot, though.