The last week or so has been a staging time for me, sewing-wise: I have to decide who gets a homemade Christmas/birthday/wedding/shower present, when I need to make the presents, and what I’ll be making for myself to wear to these events that require presents. And I also figured out how all of that coincides with JoAnn sales and paychecks. There have been lots of lists.

Even the holiday deadlines for knitting started last week, with some, um, kitty hats for a Halloween party. We went as the co-host’s two kittens, which was a success. (Blogger is refusing to let me load the pictures, so you’ll just have to imagine knitted bonnets with ears.)

But knitting with synthetic fur yarn on a deadline isn’t my favorite thing, so I’m actually relieved to start the crafty frenzy of seasonal gifts–I won’t be covered in orange fuzz when I work on these.