I didn’t mention it here but I was fairly sick over the weekend, which meant that I didn’t work on any project. (That’s right, too sick to even knit. And “fairly sick” is my brave understatement.) But I’m recovered now and have the rest of the week off, which was originally going to be for a vacation to the Grand Canyon. The vacation didn’t work out, though, so now I have three days in which to be crafty.

And because today feels like my Friday, here’s an unrelated piece of information I read yesterday, from an AdAge article blaming sales of the video game Halo 3 for poor box office sales:

Within the first day of its launch, “Halo 3” players racked up more than 3.6 million hours of game play, and that number increased to 40 million hours by the end of the first week. For those keeping score, that’s more than 4,500 years of continuous game play.

Wow. I mean, we all have hobbies, and I’m going to spend three days doing mine, but 4,500 collective years? Isn’t that the length of human civilization? Do these gamers realize how many sweaters they could have knit instead?