While knitting one of the socks I was making for Doc’s pop (that rhyme never gets old), I asked Doc if he’d like me to knit something for him. Because he is a polite person, he said yes. So about two weeks before his birthday I got the idea to make him a hat.



Making a secret project under a deadline meant that I was knitting at work during meetings, I was knitting in the car at lunch, I was knitting up until two days before the birthday when I finished with just three yards to spare.

He seems to like it (but again, he is a polite person), the pattern was a fun knit, and he looks very handsome in it. I was really pleased that he asked, “Is this wool? It’s so soft!” because I used some nice Woolfolk “Tov” Ultimate Merino with all kinds of Orvis certifications and micron counts. (One skein was enough for a hat. Barely.)

In conclusion: Doc is fun to knit for, hat is soft, birthdays are good.