The cotton lawn got sewn up into a Smock-Like Blouse (SLB) and finished Sunday, and I’m really pleased with it. Not only is the fabric nice and light, the print somehow reminds me of a circus. Send in the clowns! In their SLBs! Wait, they’re already here!

This project went together well–I got the zipper right on the first try, didn’t have to unpick anything, and even the gathers look nice.Gathers! Thrilling!

Here’s another SLB. It’s been finished for over a week, but I never got around to a picture until Friday, when I wore it going out. (Not shown: matching red shoes. I tell you, the movie theaters on 3300 South had never seen such shoes.)

Here’s a pocket detail–remember, that’s hand embroidery. I might need a hobby away from my hobby.
Finally, this is the next project (because if I don’t have a project I go straight to the crack cocaine) which is going to be a full-skirted 50’s sun dress. I considered gingham, then decided I would look as if I were wearing a tablecloth. So I went with “circus tent” instead:
Trust me, it’s even more orange and striped in person. It’s either going to work very, very, well, or not at all.