I’ve been knitting away on a Cline sweater since about January, but since it’s black and is knit in pieces I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures. Here’s way back when I was doing a gauge swatch:

Remember how when I was planning my last cardigan that I announced I hated seaming and would only knit sleeveless, top-down sweaters I could try on as I went? Yeah, this isn’t that.

But I really want this sweater. Every version onĀ Instagram looks so cool–and I was really swayed by Karen Templer’s version, especially since she always has so many good construction notes.

Historically, I haven’t gotten a good finish on a seamed sweater, but everyone raves about this pattern’s instructions (and so far, so good). I’m also about 10 years older and wiser than the last time I tired a seamed sweater, so maybe I can follow instructions a little better, too.