I mentioned I was making a big blanket cardigan back in December, but I never put up a picture because it’s looked like a gray blob since then. But now, the gray blob has sleeves!


It needs another 12 inches of the body and then a good blocking and shaping, but I like how it’s turning out. Granted, it’s not hard to get the fit right on a giant oversized cardigan, but I did have to rip back the yoke and get the armhole depth right (back in… January? It’s all blending together).

The wool is a delight to work with–Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, in “Narwhal” (aww).  I didn’t jump on the BT bandwagon for a long time, thinking the yarn was too coarse and rustic. Surprisingly, it knits up into a really beautiful, soft, light fabric, so you can get a giant seamless cardigan out of it with not a lot of weight or dragging.

I’m going to make it as long as I can until my yarn runs out. I don’t think I’ll have to resort to colorblocking, but I’m kind of intrigued….

Photo by Bonnie Marie Burns (project details)