(This has always been a place to just share stuff I’m thinking about. I’ve been thinking about the Black Lives Matter movement a lot over the last week….but, because this is me, I’ve also been thinking about what to wear and what to sew. I don’t want to make anything seem trivial by the subject changes from day to day; this is just whatever bubbles up at the top of my brain every morning. Today, it’s sewing. It is a privilege to be able to choose to think about fashion over protest, and I want to always acknowledge that.)

Anyway, it doesn’t look like we’ll be going back to working in the office any time soon, so I really need to adjust my sewing plans. Now that it’s hot out, the home office upstairs can get really stuffy in the day (full southwest exposure) and all my sleek brushed poly Brassie joggers are the last thing I want to wear.

I’ve been wearing a pair of Uniqlo wide leg knit pants with my Ogden camis and I think that’s a winning formula. We could even translate that silhouette into a JUMPSUIT and skip the whole waistband thing. So…I guess it’s going to be Big Leg Summer over here:

I have this CCP Amy Jumpsuit and some cotton gauze from JoAnn, so this could be a “free” project!


Those pants in View D look amazing (those pockets!) and the Style Sew Me pattern is currently only $5! View A and B would be fantastic for winter loungewear, too.


I think it also may have to be Bra Making Summer, finally, after thinking about the idea and making undies and swimwear. Because I’m not about to put on an underwire to work from home but I don’t love any of my ready-made wireless ones enough to buy more. I’ve had the Watson bra saved since it was released years ago:

There’s still what feels like a worldwide shortage of elastic, so the lack of supplies my stop me, but I have nothing but time and comfy clothes now.