I don’t own a zip front hooded sweatshirt, just a pullover one. I’ve been making the pullover one work as a gym layer when the mornings are cold, but getting my short hair back for the gym is pretty precarious and pulling something over my head kind of destroys everything I just scraped back.

So do I make something as basic as a gray or black hoodie? On one hand, anything “fancy” I want to sew won’t get worn outside the house for who knows how long, so basics are a good use of my time. On the other hand, I get pretty bored sewing basics in solid colors.

But it wouldn’t be hard–Jalie makes a pattern for a zip sweatshirt with a really designer-looking hood:

And I could get some deadstock sweatshirting from Cali Fabrics for under $20:

Or even some remnant “sweater look” PolarFleece from Mill Yardage (or curly fleece from the Rain Shed):

And I could put in zip pockets so my ID stays put and top stitch it all with the cover stitch…. hm. Sounds like I’m going to be making a hoodie.