It’s summer, my inner hippie is running free on eight-mile hikes, and I have a co-worker’s mountain wedding to attend next month, so I’m playing with the idea of making a long dress.

Never mind the fact that I made a long skirt circa 2004 (inspired by this one from Kill Bill 2), wore it about three times, and then felt really self-conscious–look how “effortlessly glamorous” the fashion world tells us the long dress is:

Wear it lounging in a mod chair!
Wear it on the streets of a big city!
Wear it on a mountain top!
If you’ve seen my Pinterest project board in the last week, you can tell I’m trying to hunt down the right fabric for it. Because I think I need a long dress to wear three times and feel really self-conscious in to wear effortlessly and glamorously for the Summer of the Hippie.
(All images via Google. The search term “anthropologie maxi dress” gives you a veritable explosion of bohemia.)