When you mostly knit socks for other people, it can take a while to finish your own. Case in point: This pair, last seen in progress nearly a year ago:

Yarn was Opal brand, Sweet & Spicy 3 – Safran color and it was just your usual 64-stitch sock pattern. It was also a total accident that I got the stripes to match up on the feet (one leg got a leeetle bit longer than the other).

After I finished these and realized I don’t have a lot of pink and purple in my everyday wardrobe, I thought, “What if I made a neutral pair of socks to wear with ankle boots or even clogs?”

So I started some:

Yarn is Madeleine Tosh Sock in Modern Fair Isle; pattern is the Impossible Girl Socks by Madeleine Gannon, just to add some interest to all the neutrality.

Check in again in about a year and I should have these finished!