Here’s a project from last year for the roundup: I wanted something mindless to knit over Christmas get-togethers, so I made a tube scarf (or infinity scarf) with some very nice berry-colored alpaca (Merry Christmas to me).

I was inspired by this scarf and I have to say that a tube scarf–i.e., a big loop of scarf, with the ends connected–is both fun to knit and wear. Because you don’t have to worry about the ends being long enough to go over your shoulder, you’re done knitting sooner than you would be with a traditional scarf, and it’s nice to not have the bullk of the wrapped ends under your coat.

I just wish my cameral could deal with the light levels in the apartment better. For some reason pictures taken in this same spot of me wearing the scarf came out way too dark, which is why it’s modeled on the hangar.