We’re getting a tree delivered today and for some reason, it feels like a Really Big Deal. I know my stress level is currently Very High so I’m extra-worried about everything, but seriously–is this how soon-to-be parents feel? Because I think a lot of the anxiety is the same:

  • I’ve never had a tree before! How do you even take care of one?
  • I won’t kill it, right?
  • I can’t kill something this big.
  • Holy shit, trees are expensive!
  • What do trees even like?
  • Is it going to get big and out of control?
  • Will it be happy here?
  • Is it going to arrive on time?
  • Will it get hurt during delivery?
  • Is the hole going to be big enough? (heheheh)
  • Seriously, what if I kill it?!
  • God, this sounds really hard. Should I even get a tree?
  • But I can’t return it! It’s on the way!

There’s a lot of overlap between trees and children, is all I’m saying.  But I’m sure it will work out fine. Maybe I’ll share some “baby” pictures tomorrow.