1. Wilson Pickett. I know, I should know these things–but I had no idea! The Midnight Hour! 634-5789! Mustang Sally! Fabulous! Yes, I live under a rock. A very white rock.

2. Speaking of white rock (ha!), the second delightful thing is Bruce Springsteen. I’m not going to announce that I’m delighted by ALL his music, but his album “Nebraska” is excellent. Apparently, he recorded it solo at his kitchen table, plus he plays a fine harmonica. I’m a sucker for a harmonica and a strummy guitar.

3. And the third thing that delights me: The color brown. Further explanation: Because one simply cannot wear brown shoes with a black suit, or vice-versa, years ago I decided that, when given a choice between brown and black, I would simplify my life and opt for black. Fast forward 10 years or so to my current wardrobe, in which 80% of my shoes are colored. I realized I could choose brown, so I did, and Sunday I started sewing a brown jacket.

It’s a revolution a day over here, I tell you.