Oh yes, it’s my birthday today! Because I’m 33 on January 3, 2013, the birthday goals/New Year’s resolutions are in threes this time around:

I. Be kind

  1. Give people the benefit of the doubt
  2. Extend compassion to myself, too
  3. Volunteer

II. Be calm

  1. Identify the fear
  2. Stay in the moment
  3. Go outside every day (not even to hike, just to see that there’s more out there)

III. Be strong

  1. Break bad habits
  2. Do three more yoga poses that I can’t do now (especially boat pose for longer than 20 seconds, headstands, and arm balances)
  3. Start saving to finish the basement and get a new car

These seem doable this year (or at least easy to remember). I think 33 is going to be good, if I can get over my eye wrinkles.