My tailoring kick continues but now I’m thinking about blazers. Which on the one hand sounds really great, since my office attire is usually plain pants + an interesting jacket. On the other hand, I haven’t been in the office for a year and I don’t expect to be back before the fall, just seeing how vaccines are rolling out. And I still haven’t worn any of the interesting jackets I made last year, since I’ve only been to the gym and the grocery store.

So I don’t need a blazer; I have a backlog of outerwear the world hasn’t seen. But I’m seeing 80s inspired loose blazers everywhere and I have all my mom’s vintage patterns–plus I’ll take any excuse to look for fabric.

Wouldn’t a butter-yellow linen be nice for spring?

Or how about cotton twill with this fantastic lady print?

I could even….go full NEON and just embrace the 80s:


I want them all…and I should probably just focus on making more sweatpants.