Staying in a yurt is a cool way to see the backcountry while still car camping.
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Trips with just girlfriends are really great.
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Watching the forest and finding deer beds is a nice way to spend a day.

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The trees have eyes.
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And finally, if you are staying at a place called Grizzly Ridge Yurt and you are being a not-terribly-aware hiker and climbing quietly up a hill with your friend, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a black bear running up over the hill from the other side. You should definitely remember your bear safety right that minute and put your arms over your head and have your friend help you to make a lot of noise (and not just run, which is what the caveman brain really wants to do), and then you should walk back to camp singing show tunes at the top of your lungs just in case. And then travel in a pack with your friends for the rest of the night.

Such an educational weekend! Bears aside, I highly recommend yurt camping with girlfriends.