After a long spell of just re-reading what was on my shelves, I’ve rediscovered the library and the lure of new books. Since it’s summer and I need to get my geek on somehow, most of the books have been sci-fi:

  • Contact, by my imaginary better half Carl Sagan
  • Dune: House Atreides, by Brian Herbert (who should be disinherited) and some other dude
  • House of Suns and Revelation Space, Alastair Reynolds (lots of science and lots of plot but not really the best written books in the world)
  • Altered Carbon, Philip K. Morgan (Raymond Chandler with cyborgs!)

I’ve even sneaked in some things that aren’t space opera: The Name of the Rose and Happy All The Time (Laurie Colwin, whose writing about food I prefer to her novels).

I know you’d expect someone who blogs about “literature” to read, but getting back into the habit felt worthy of a mention. (“The books I’ve read, let me list them.”)