I never watched Magnum P.I. in its original run from 1980-1988. I remember hearing about Tom Selleck but I had never experienced the vibe until about a month ago, when I found an Instagram account about the show’s costuming and then had to track down the DVDs. I don’t care about the plot or the characters (even though it’s a comfortingly low-stakes show), but the setting and the outfits! Friends, this is the way we need to dress for Bro Summer:


Bro Summer is showing off your pretty legs on the beach, but balancing those tiny shorts with a long sleeve polo and boat shoes (preppy!).


Bro Summer is an aloha shirt unbuttoned to your navel, but tucked in to chinos and belted.


And for me, Bro Summer is going to involve sewing at least one pair of tiny shorts, some camo pants, and probably a Hawaiian shirt.

(Long-time readers might recognize that botanical fabric on the left from my visit to Stonmountain in…2104. I think it’s time for it to fulfill its aloha shirt destiny.)