The Paris Review covers The Rational Dress Society and their mission to get everyone in a JUMPSUIT (sic) aka monogarment (also sic but I love it): The Jumpsuit That Will Replace All Clothes Forever.

It’s The Paris Review so it’s not fluff, but it’s fun to read. I enjoyed the author’s experiment of wearing nothing but a jumpsuit for three weeks:

Although I have been worried about how I look, the truth is I’ve never felt less fat. The garment does not constantly remind me of my girth; it does not threaten to bust at the seams if I move too quickly or eat too much. I’m not just thwarting the tyranny of capitalism—I’m thwarting the tyranny of tightness.


As the days passed and the novelty wore off, a different set of truths settled in. Two weeks in, I sat in a work meeting across from a woman with beautifully blow-dried hair, perfectly applied makeup, and a colorful pencil skirt. I felt, by comparison, like a manly baby wearing a onesie and work boots, and I was distracted by my need to prove both my femininity and my professionalism.