I have an in-person work lunch today with the creative team and there’s a strong chance I’m just going to be a toad in a muumuu. But the other part of me is thinking: I can wear an outfit! I can have witty conversation with people outside my household! I can order FRIES and eat them HOT!  Which will it be?

I had to think of this piece by Lydia Kiesling in The Cut about the end of the pandemic, and whether it’s going to be great or terrible:

I’m talking when I have the kids in the van and we are going to go do some activity that is finally open and safe and we’ve wanted to do for more than a year and when we get there it’s a million people and it’s so sweaty and there’s kinetic sand on the floor and pee on the toilet seats and it takes a fucking hour to get a hot dog which is 14 dollars

Which will it be, indeed.