We’re going to try another day trip to the hot springs over Memorial Day weekend so I thought, “Why not make a new suit for it?”  I’ve had a bunch of swim fabric sitting in my stash ever since we planned to go to Hawaii in early 2020 (sob) so I used some to test a new pattern.

I got started and had all my sewjo back!

And then I didn’t like the fit of either the top or bottom (a rare Greenstyle miss?) and I didn’t like them together at all. I think part of it is that I’m trying to force a match between the palm print and the neon, plus I could have cut the top a hair smaller. I might still give it a try in the water just to see if it’s worth making again with some tweaks–but that sure was a sad-trombone finish to some momentary sewing excitement.

I have a rash guard cut out for Doc (see above, so much swim fabric; someday we’ll make it to Hawaii) so maybe I can dive into that and recover the elusive sewjo yet again.