I need to sew on buttons and hem the blue floral dress, so I thought I’d just wait to show it, rather than making you use your imagination. (“The buttons are great, trust me! And it’s really cute on, even though you’re seeing it hanging on the closet like a sack!”)

That should get done this week, but maybe not. I’m feeling a little cramped for crafty time–the garden project is ongoing and takes precedence when the weather is nice; I’m, um, working the second job again*; there are closets to clean out and organize with warm clothes; etc.

But there’s no rush, I suppose. My closets are well-stocked with clothes.

*I realize I’m ashamed to tell people about this, because they always look surprised and then pitying. Although before I did it, I’d look the same way, I suppose: Second jobs are for poor people. At least I’m working for spending money and not, say, heat money. But still. I did ask for more money at the first job (pending)**, but that’s tricky, too, since I can’t stay late at the first job on Mondays if I want to make it to the second job, and that doesn’t make me look very committed or raise-worthy, does it?

**I should probably just not discuss any of this, huh?