We got word last week that the company is going fully remote, so all the dresses and blazers I was pondering for a hazy “maybe I go to the office sometimes” future don’t really need to get made now. (Note to self: You absolutely cannot buy any more fabric for things like that.)

But I still want to sew–because what else would I do with myself–so now what? I think it’s either tailored coats and quilts (both time-consuming) or I lean more into technical outdoor gear. I am working on a faux-Patagonia pullover for Doc using a pattern from Green Pepper and they have a reversible insulated vest that I know I’d wear a lot (I even sourced actual down insulation!):


Looking for knockoff Patagonia patterns led me to this vest from 5 out of 4 Patterns, and this would be fun to do in a print: 

And I found Waffle Patterns, who is making beautiful outerwear patterns with an astonishing number of functional, professional pockets, like this cargo vest:

I mean, I’ve never even considered making a hood that zips into a collar before. That would keep me busy, right?