I still haven’t made anything because I still haven’t figured out what I want to wear. But last week I wore a sweater that I’d managed to shrink and was uncomfortable in it all day. The next day, I found this article on NPR about “power dressing” and it made some good points about too-small sweaters (and maybe part of why I’m having such a hard time with clothes lately):

The big challenge to power dressing came in the new millennium, when the dot-com world began to roar back and the very casual workplace became standard. How do you telegraph power in an office where everyone, even the CEO, wears jeans and T-shirts? What sets the power players apart: good tailoring.

“Alterations are a great way to make you look great. Because even if you’re wearing something very casual, if it fits well, your posture is going to be better, you’re going to stand taller, and you’re just going to look more authoritative.”

…Want to project power? “Your clothes have to fit you,” Lawson says. Period. To be a power dresser, he continues, “it has to look like you command the clothes, not that the clothes are commanding or wearing you.”

Duly noted. Now to find clothes that both fit and that I want to wear.