(See what I did with that post title?!)

When I bought my house I wanted new construction but also wanted to be in an established neighborhood. That meant an infill development, which meant a townhouse, which seemed ok to a timid first-time home buyer who didn’t have a lawnmower.

But it also meant an HOA, which has proven to be mildly annoying (shared sprinkler boxes, a treasurer who almost got our water shut off by not paying the bills, etc). And now it’s my turn to be on the HOA board, which means I inherited four piles of papers–with invoices from 2012, five copies of the HOA  insurance policy, CC&R amendments, etc.– and have been slowly wrangling it into organized binders that can be passed on to the next member of the board and actually make sense:


We’re getting there. (There’s one more binder to go.) And special thanks to Doc and his willingness to call the city (the developer was still listed on most legal documents in the pile, even though they skipped town five years ago) and his help organizing all this. It’s a big job. But leaving all the papers unorganized would be, as my Dad says, “the easy way–but not the cowboy way.”