Remember when I started this month with a four-letter-word-filled announcement that I would be like a lion, all discipline and commitment? Well, this is also a lion–and I feel more like him lately than the one I imagined at the beginning of the month:

As I told my brother yesterday, “I just don’t feel like I’m getting where I should be.” I’m not following through on personal goals. I feel like I’m already behind in the yard. I’m putting off dealing with car stuff. Basically, I feel like a lion walking through a tire. Rawr?

But I’ve made small steps: I’m back to one yoga class a week. I decided to try this “plank challenge” making the rounds on Pinterest (because Pinterest rules my life) so I can get the core strength to actually do a handstand in yoga. I almost stayed on budget this month. And overall, “stay the motherf***ing course” has been a pretty effective mantra–because you can’t really get more direct than that. Stay the course. Stay the course. Even if you’re doing it with a tire.